Most mainstream juicing machines use centrifugal force to push fruits and vegetables against a spinning blade or grater, and the resultant juice is strained through a mesh basket. The friction caused by the spinning and cutting in centrifugal juicers produces heat, which damages certain vitamins and minerals and accelerates oxidization (meaning that the juice will begin to go “off” more quickly). Centrifugal juicers are also significantly less efficient at separating the nectar from the pulp, thus resulting in more organic waste and producing lower quality juices that are pulpy or frothy.

Cold Press

Cold-press juicing slowly extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables using a powerful hydraulic press. This process is called cold pressing because sqeeeeeezing the fruit or vegetable (like giving it a biiiig hug) produces less friction and heat than slicing, grating, spinning or blending does. Keeping the process chilled out maintains higher nutrient levels and a better quality, better tasting juice. Cold-press juicing is the most effective way to extract pure, raw juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, making the living nutrients found in whole, fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible to nourish your body. Re-Fuel.

Here at Refuel it’s our mission to jumpstart your system with healthy, nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices, smoothies and salads. Whether you are looking for a morning pick-me-up, a light healthy lunch or a quick nutritious snack Refuel can meet your needs with fresh, quality ingredients and a commitment to keeping things yummy (or tasty)! As an eco-friendly organization we use non-pressurized packaging and glass bottles, protecting the health of our customers and happily doing our part to eliminate wasteful packaging. Refuel is perfect for health-conscious customers for whom taste is a priority. Our convenient, nourishing products provide health and beauty benefits while satisfying your hunger. 

Make Refuel part of your day and get your inner engine revving!